CDMO Services

We are offering chemistry and manufacturing services for process research, Process development, and scale-up manufacturing.

With an experienced and competent team, we can take an early-stage project to commercial production at our state-of-art manufacturing facilities and can be entrusted as a reliable CDMO partner for all outsourcing needs.


Route Scouting

Route Scouting is an important phase in the chemical development process for producing a pharmacological molecule. In order to find the most optimum yet feasible route, we can help you find the best route for synthesis by covering the aspects of SELECT (Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, Control, and Throughput).

Process Design and Optimization

Process optimization is the process of modifying an existing process to optimize certain defined sets of parameters while adhering to constraints.

Transfer of Technology for commercial production from the pilot plant

The successful progression of medicine from discovery to product development, clinical trials, and, finally, full-scale commercialization, we can help you in commercial production through transfer of technology.

Scale-up manufacturing

With the reactor capacity of 350+ KL and an expanse of 10,000 sq mtr, we can take projects from early phase of development to scale up and commercial manufacturing from KGs to MTs.

Why GGC as a preferred choice for CDMO services?