More than Two Decades of experience in chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & process industries


To cater to all the dimensions
of the pharmaceutical supply
chain by enabling affordable
healthcare in the industry.


To maximize our influence on
the global pharmaceutical
sector by extending our core
services and fixate.


Over 30000 square meters of land comprising dedicated areas for plant facilities & Green belts.

API Facility

Small Volume Facility

Intermediate Manufacturing Facility

Maximize value of existing product through constant innovations


  • With assortments and diversifications, pioneering in Advance Pharma Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Engineering, Advance Technical Textile and Service Industry since more than three decades, GGC Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals as a new segment/ vertical of the associated group companies has entered in the API/Pharma business for quite some time now.
  • With cynosure in transitioning quality chemicals, compounds and drugs getting delivered to the pharma industry, we operate with the proposition of extending our core products and services to maximize our impact on the pharmaceutical business globally. With leading positions of our founders in their respective fields, GCG Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is a perfect mend of varied sets with state-of-the-art infrastructure complementing each other and fulfilling every undertaking.